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People love running a business. At least, virtually. Tycoon games help you do that briliantly. Everyone knows roller-coaster tycoons. They are the crown jewel of the genre.

They are great. But you should absolutely try casino tycoon games. There are superb examples. Some of them are old enough to be casino players themselves.

Do you still remember games like Casino Empire from Hoyle? Or Vegas: Make it Big? And for desert, we are reviewing a third, slightly different game.

Casino Empire Tycoon

Casino Empire TycoonUntil 2002, Casino Tycoons were only featured in various strategy games, and even first person shooters. Remember the classic Duke Nukem casino level? Classic.

Everything changed when Hoyle released Casino Empire tycoon. To be fair, the game hasn’t aged well, but the game is full of fun and excitement. You were the boss who managed all day-to-day operations of a casino.

There was one drawback. The more-than-necessary clicking to complete minor tasks instead of allowing some processes to be automated. Which would often disrupt the flow of the game. Still, it’s a classic casino tycoon.

Currently, Casino Empire Tycoon is available for $20 on Amazon.

VEGA$: Make It Big – Casino Tycoon on another level

After the success of Casino Empire tycoon, the casino tycoon floodgates were open.

Everyone wanted a piece of the pie. Including Deepred, the developers of another classic tycoon game Vegas: Make it Big is a better Casino Empire Tycoon. It was launched just a couple of years after the Hoyle release.

In many ways, it was simple bigger. The game included 10 different resorts to manage, plus 500 vehicles and 5000 guests. Also, you could set your rules – customization was endless. On higher difficulty levels Make it Big offered a great challenge.

Is it really better than the game from Hoyle? Probably. Hoyle did it first, which is commendable. Vegas: Make it Big already knew what they need to make better. And they did.

 casino tycoon games

Tycoon Casino App

For those of you who like are not particularly fond of casino tycoon games, but love hearing the words casino and tycoon together, we have something else on offer.

It’s a tycoon casino rather than a casino tycoon. And it’s an app. Currently sitting with a nearly-perfect 4.9-star rating, Tycoon Casino is a different kind of a casino tycoon game.

It’s full of superb slots, amazing 3D graphics and tons of rewards. While you’re not managing a casino, in this game there is plenty to do here.

Still, if you like slots, you must try this brand new Casino Tycoon game.

Casino Tycoon App

Best Casino Tycoon Games Sorted

Sadly, despite the potential, Casino Tycoons never blew up as a niche genre. So, if you’re looking to manage a casino, you must turn to games that were released two decades ago. If you can overlook their visual flaws, you will have hours of fun.

If not, there’s always the option of playing the shiny new Tyc

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