How to Stop worrying: Social Casino Edition


Casino is not a treatment for any mental issues. But sometimes a few wins on social Slots can help you forget a bad day at work or take your mind off worrying about a particular problem. Even if it’s just for a bit.

We have something exactly for that purpose. MyVegas Slots.

Why you Must Try This Social Casino Game

Why MyVegas Slots?

First, social Casino is a no-risk experience. As you don’t risk your own money, the game time is pure entertainment. No stress. No downswings.

But why this Casino in particular?

MyVegas Apps rating – 4.5 stars

MyVegas Slots have a tremendous apps for IOS and Android. Both highly rated, different from competitors and extremely fun.

For example, elsewhere you just pick games. At MyVegas you can take a virtual stroll around the Casino grounds, explore different Casinos (based on their real life counterparts) and more. MyVegas Slots has even been featured in Business Insider.

But the best is yet to come.

Free Vegas Rewards with MyVegas

The best part about MyVegas Social Casino App is that you can live out your dream holiday. Once you download the app, head straight to rewards and pick what you would like the most. A fancy dinner at the Mirage? A SPA day at the Caesars’? Maybe a Caribbean Cruise?

You get to pick whatever you want.

Playing Social Casino Improves Your Health

By picking a reward you set yourself a goal. From now on, every time you play on MyVegas, you will get to dream about your big holiday. Playing will get you closer to your rewards but don’t underestimate the dreaming part, as well.

You know there is a reason why they say that the journey is as important as the achievement.

Even if you don’t go to Vegas (needless to say, earning a free cruise is not easy), you get to disconnect a bit from your daily worries, relax and let your subconscious mind solve some of those problems.

It’s not that different from playing video or board games. It’s been proven to help reduce stress. However, we like MyVegas Slots because you can actually earn a real life reward like discounts, free meals, etc.

In conclusion, very few social Casinos dare to step out of the traditional app constraints, not to mention offer real rewards for free play. But MyVegas Slots does. It’s not easy but we know many people who have done it. You can too!

Post Author: Bricius Launce